Multibrand Universal TV Remote Control


• Multibrand Universal TV Remote Control
• Simple to use and program
• 16:9 key for wide screen switching
• Specific HDTV navigation feature
• Code saver retains codes when changing batteries
• Ideal replacement for lost or defect remote controls
• Batteries 2 x AAA Batteries (NOT included)
• Remote Control Distance: about 8M (varies with model)
• Full Instructions Manual Included
• May not allow access to digital TV guide if available on original remote
• Includes 12 Month Warranty
• Includes FREE Delivery Australia Wide


This multi-function remote controller can control most worldwide brands of LED/LCD HD TVs through Manual and Auto Searching.

Compatible with Acer, Aiwa, Amtran, Aoc, Aolinpu, Apple, Beijing, Benq, Cailing, Changcheng, Changhong, Chimei, Chuangjia, Conrowa, Cybex, Dawoo, Dell, Detron, Digitec, Dongda, Dongjie, Donglin, Feilu, Fujitsu, Fuli, Furi, Gangta, Goldstar, Haier, Haihong, Hisense, Hitachi, Hkc, Hongmei, Huanglong, Huanyu, Huaqiang, Huijiaban, Huodateji, Imperialcown, Intel, Jiahua, Jialicai, Jian Sheng, Jinglipu, Jingxingban, Jingxingban, Jinxing, Jvc, Kanghua, Kangli, Kangwei, Konka, Kunlun, Lehua, Lg, Mantianxing, Meile, Mitsubishi, Mudan, Nec, Nikon, Norcent, Olevia, Olympic, Other Brand, Oulin, Panasonic(National), Panda, Pdlytron, Philips, Risheng, Rizhi, Samsung, Sanken, Sanling, Sansui, Seye, Shanghai, Sharp, Sherwood, Shuyuan, Skyworthrgb, Songdian, Sony, Sumo, Sva, Tcl, Thtf, Tiangengban, Tiankeban, Tihong, ToboTos, Toshiba, Victor, Warumaia, Xiahua, Xihu, Xinsida, Yajia, Youlanasi, Yousida

Does not work with Smart TVs.

Simple to operate and a great replacement for your broken or lost remote.